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25 December 2011 @ 02:09 pm
His grin is huge and toothy. When you say something outrageous, or when you put on shorts a little too short, he grins at you like that. Like he’s a little boy again, even though he’s five years your senior. He’s French and beautiful and in applying to PhD programs in psychology and you think a guy like that wouldn’t ever find anything in the world to little-boy-grin at.

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04 January 2008 @ 07:51 pm
What do you all think?  Here are my predictions and/or wants....

First of all, why did Real Madrid, Man Utd, AC Milan and Inter get almost **punished** for coming first in their groups??!  Sevilla, Porto and especially CHELSKI's draws are RIDICULOUS in comparison.

Liverpool v Inter   
Inter ties or wins at Anfield, finishes up with a big win at home.  6-2 on aggregate or perhaps by a bigger margin.
Olympiakos v Chelski   First: WTF WTF WHY DO THEY GET TO PLAY OLYMPIAKOS NOT FAIR.  Chelsea win by an obscene amount both places, although I hope they don't progress somehow.  Although without Nery Castillo, I can't see that happening (since that is all I know about Olympiakos...)
Roma v Real Madrid    Real ties or barely wins away at Roma, does the same at Roma and wins on away goals.
Schalke 04 v FC Porto    Porto advances (Helder Postiga scores a hattrick with amazing assists from Ricardo Quaresma)

Arsenal v AC Milan    Hmm, let's see...  Since I saw Inter's passing get past Milan's defence, I see no reason why Arsenal's can't.  The question is: can they finish?  Most likely, they'll get enough chances with Milan not attacking.  At the San Siro, Kaka will dive just outside the box... Pirlo will score the same free kick he did against Liverpool and Inter... but it's no use.  Arsenal are up from their goals at home and even manage to score one away. Arsenal win 3-1 or something on aggregate.
Celtic v Barcelona (Opinion pending)     Heehee, I want this one to go down to penalties (Then Victor Valdes will be screwedddd).  Anyway, I hope it goes down to PKs but not before there are some amazing Shunsuke Nakamura freekicks and Bojan Krkic goals.  OH OH and I also want McFadden to be here by this time, so a few from him, too.  Really, I think this will go down to what these two teams do during this month with transfers and whatnot.  With their current squads: Barcelona wins easily.  Otherwise: who knows?  Ol' Jamie and Li'l Naks could come together and really be amazing.
Fenerbahce v FC Sevilla    I hope Fenerbahce go through.  Roberto Carlos and Mateja Kezman can pull it off, maybe (my knowledge of Fenerbahce goes only that far...).  If Dani Alves leaves for Chelsea, I see no reason why Fenerbahce can't win this one.
Lyon v Man Utd    NOT FAIR NOT FAIR NOT FAIRRR.  Oh well, at least it will be a really amazing match.  If we can get our acts together, we win both legs.  But maybe we will lose 2-1, but win easily at home.  This also depends on what Lyon does this month.  They lost a lot of players but perhaps they'll gain some with transfers and whatnot.

*Eagerly waits for the 19th of February*
25 November 2007 @ 11:31 am
Okay. So I'm kind of crushed about that game yesterday.

But I have to say that we deserved that loss.

I'm just so tired of Nani taking stupid shots (like that bicycle kick.  I know I wouldn't be saying the same thing if he'd scored from it, but can you say GLORY HUNTER ?!!) and generally running around.  I think someone on the Man Utd match discussion made a nice simile about Nani and "headless chicken".


There's one slightly funny thing I can pull out of the game.

07 November 2007 @ 10:35 am
This clip is from a French documentary, filming the making of the Live for Love United music video (which you should really watch, if you haven't seen it already. It has nothing to do with Manchester United, btw :P It was created to create AIDS awareness in 2002, just before the World Cup in Korea/Japan, and features awkward!Zidane, awesome-hand-gesturing!RobertoCarlos, beautiful!RoqueSantaCruz, and more.  And yes, they are all SINGING.)

So, this video was filmed in 2002, when the Arsenal squad was quite a bit different.  Meaning they had Thierry Henry and Robert Pires (and Sol Campbell, Patrick Vieira, Gio van Bronckhorst, Cashley Cole, Sylvain Wiltord... but showing how cool the Arsenal squad was in 2002 was not the point of this post).

Bobby. Henry. Sigh.Collapse )
18 August 2007 @ 09:05 pm
a large number of wallpapers, sort of like a picspam
oh and this is definately not dial-up friendly